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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First fishing trip of 2011...

     Me and my buddy Doug went down to Kentucky Lake today to explore more places in the area of the lake we know the best.  While we did not catch a bunch of fish I did manage to catch one that was well worth the trip, an 8lber and this was off a new place we haven't fished.  We ended the day with 2 keepers and some other short ones.  I was throwing the jerkbait on a Powell 703glass rod, with 10lb flourocarbon line. 



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Day of the Year...

     Well me and my Buddy Harold (Bucky) got out on the 31st to Kentucky Lake for one last day of fishing for the year.  It was supposed to be windy on Friday 10-20mph out of the south so we figured it would be rough on the main river, so we fished in a creek for a while and of course we had no luck.  So we went toward the mouth of the creek and it was not as rough as we thought it would be, so we went out on the main lake and on our first stop boated a fish.  It was still rough enough that the waves were coming over the bow of the boat occassionally, while fishing.  After a few more stops we got on another point and caught 8 fish off here, with only 2 being lake keepers.  So we got to hit 2 more points and ran out of time for the day.  I was using 6:2:1 reels and a Powell 684 and 686 rods with 10 and 12 lb Flourocarbon line.