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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Rods...

I have gotten my hands on some of the new Powell Endurance Series rods and they very nice ! If you haven't tried any of the Powell Rods you need to do so. They are a very good rod for the price and you won't be dissappointed.  This new series has a look that will standout from the rest of the rods out there.  Here are a couple photo's:


More details of the Rods are available at http://www.powellco.com/

GOD Bless


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Been bowhunting and Gun hunting with friends and family....

Well it has been a while since I have been on here but I have been very busy, with hunting this season.  Needless to say we have all been hunting hard and don't have  much to show for it except for Keith (Powell Rods) and my Dad.  The rest of us have not seen or not been able to get a shot at anything we wanted to shoot.  Second gun season is coming up dec 2nd and Keith and Gerald (Gman), his wife and Casey Ashley will be here for a few days, hopefully someone will get a big ole buck.  Here is photo's from My Dad and Keith's Buck's 

My dad is on the left ( Gun  Kill)   and Keith is on the right (Bow Kill 42 yards!)

I will try to keep you up to date on rest of the season.

GOD Bless

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guntersville Regional...

Well the regional is over and it was a tough one, but we all had a good time.  Got down there on Sunday night 10/10 and started practicing on Monday.  I found fish in the very large and long grass mats throughout the lake.  But the fish were mainly relating to the inside edge of the points of grass.  After 3 days of flipping and throwing frogs I had some areas where I thought I  could catch some fish.  So on day 1 I had 3 keepers, for about 8.5lbs and 50th place for the day.  So day 2 I thought I would need 17lbs to make the top 12, and thought it was possible to catch that.  But I only boated 1 keeper for the day and lost 5 others in the grass. I was using a Powell 7105 and 2 766 flipping rods, with 65 and 80 lb braid, flipping a Go2baits Lil Thumper and creature baits.  Also a Powell 735 frog rod for frogs, with 65lb braid.   All the tackleI used can be purchased from Tacklewarehouse, so check them out anything you need. So the season is over for me for a while now and I will be bow hunting hard for the next month.  I might fish a few team events this winter so I will keep you up to date on them.

GOD Bless


Friday, October 8, 2010

Headed to Guntersville....

Well I will be going to Guntersville this coming Sunday to go start practicing for the BFL regional there Oct. 14-16.  So today I will continue to get my tackle and equipment ready for the trip, it should be fun ! I wont have a laptop so I will have to update everyone when I get back. 

GOD Bless


Monday, September 13, 2010

The last BFL...

Well I just fished our last BFL on Kentucky Lake and finished in 35th, which is not where I expected but I did manage to finish 25th in the points for the year so I'm off to Guntersville for the regional.  I caught all my fish out on ledges with a crankbait, jig, worm, and carolina rig.  The worm was a Go2Baits 13" paddle tail in blue and plum colors with a 1/2 oz weight, a Powell 734 rod, the crankbait was on 754 and 753 glass rods, and also a 804crankbait rod, carolina rod was a 806 and the jig was on a 734 also.  I will try to keep you up to date when I go to Guntersville in October.

GOD Bless


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The latest....

Well I've been doing some more scouting and fishing for the upcoming tournament in Kentucky Lake.  Had a decent day this weekend on the lake. I  went to a few places where I fished last year at this time and had some success.  If things go right I believe I will do ok in this event, it is the last BFL for the year oin Kentucky Lake then to Guntersville for the Regional., if work will allow me.  Here are a few pics from the deer I've seen. I didn't get photo's of the fish, there were other boats to close.

GOD Bless


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some pre season scouting...

Well I haven't been fishing in about 3 weeks now, but have been out scouting to see what shooter bucks we have running around on the farm and some leased ground we have.  And have found a few good ones to say the least.  I also got me one of those Stealth 4x4, 64 volt (all electric) UTV (Pic Below).  It is unbelievable how close you can get to deer and them not even know you are anywhere around.  I have one more tournament on September 11th at Kentucky Lake.   

Here are a couple video's from the farm, they are a little shaky , I didn't have my tripod:

GOD Bless

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kentucky Lake ....

     Well I just got home from the Lyon County Christmas for kids and the BFL makeup tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  My buddy Doug and I went down on Thursday to start practicing for the tournaments, so we  decided to put in at Paris Marina and go south from there.  We Started around the Paris area and worked our way down the lake and found a few new areas and tried some we had fished before also.  As we got closer to New Johnsonville we stopped on a ledge that we caught 20lbs off of last year in June and as I was stroking a jig I felt that familiar tap and set the hook  and a 5.5lb fish came up with 3 others as big or bigger than it was, so we left with high hopes for this area.  Friday we stayed on the north end of the lake and did not have as much success , but still caught some decent fish.  So Friday night we decided we were going to head to New Johnsonville area and get on the ledge there.
     Saturday we headed to our primary spot and started fishing and after an hour without a bite we decided to move to another ledge just down from us, where we caught some small fish and just keepers on Thursday.  After fishing here for about and hour and a half we had our limit and about 12lbs total and knew we needed to cull up.  So we went back to where we started and still did not get bit, so we started to work our way back north and hit a few areas.  We ended up culling a few times but never got any big fish and ended the day with 15lbs.
     Sunday I was going to head down to New Johnsonville and try those areas at different times to see if we could catch those big fish moved up again.  At my first stop I caught a keeper in the first 5 minutes and thought it was going to happen, but this sport is very humbling.  After fishing here for another 45minutes without any success we continued to work our way down the lake without any success and started to come on back to where we started and sit it out here for the rest of the day since we started to get bit and catch fish.  I only ended up with 3 keepers, that only weighed 5.5lb.  I did manage to stay in the top 40 for now and we have one more to go in September and then to Guntersville for the regional.  The baits I was throwing were Go2baits 10"paddle tail worm in Blue Saphire on a Powell705 jig rod with 17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon and a 3/4oz War Eagle footbal jig , with a Go2baits swim'n craw as a trailer on a Powell 734rod, with 15lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line ( See Pictures).  I will try to keep everyone updated as I will probably be going down to the lake to find out what I should have been doing! Although after talking to a few people I was to shallow on the ledges most likely.

GOD Bless


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baits and Patterns for Kentucky...

Well it has took me a while but here are the baits and pattern that I was fishing at Kentucky Lake on 6/5/2010.  I was throwing a Powell 705cef , with 17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line, 1/2 oz sinker, and a Go2baits 10" paddle tail worm and also a zoom ol monster.  All the fish I caught were out on ledges, with depths from 10' to 22' of water.  In practice I was also catching fish on crankbaits, but I just couldn't get them to bite one during the tournament.  I have a team event on 6/19  Lyon Co  Christmas for Kids benefit and the makeup  BFL on 6/20 so check back to see how we do this weekend.

GOD Bless


Sunday, June 6, 2010

BFL on Kentucky Lake

Just fished the Flw outdoors BFL on Kentucky lake.  I finished 14th with 15.03 lbs, I caught about 8 keepers throughout the day just did not get a big bite yesterday.  M y co-angler also had a limit of 10lbs, we both had one by 7:45am.  I will post baits and pattern in a few days and thank the Lord for blessing me with those fish.

GOD Bless


Friday, May 28, 2010

Club event on Kentucky Lake....

Well we had our local club event on Kentucky Lake and the fish are biting!!  Me and My buddy Doug drew each other for this event.  So we went to fish some areas that I have caught them at this time of year and after three stops I had  8 fish limit and doug had 8 also.  We then moved around and went to an area that knew if they were there we would catch them in no time and one of us would most likely win.  So after stopping here we both culled up our catches and I ended up winning and Doug got 3rd.  We caught approximately 100 fish.  I will be fishing a BFL next week so check back to see how it goes.

GOD Bless


Monday, May 17, 2010

AFT on Kentucky Lake....

Well I started practice on Saturday May 8th with only 3 keepers, but thought I might have found a possible location where the fish could not get away from me by going 300 yards back in the woods.  So on Monday I started pretty early in the day, about 6:30am and had a limit by 9:00am ! by running similar areas as I did on Saturday.  After figuring out the location and what I needed to look for I started running around the lake to find more of these areas and I ended up catching about 10 keepers and had 23 to 24lbs with my biggest 5, so I was a little excited to say the least since some of my buddies were struggling.  Below is a picture of a 7lb 6oz and a 6lber on Monday that I caught.
Tuesday I started out early again with my buddy Doug and we went to a different area of the lake and tried running the same pattern as I did on Monday and ended up having a limit by 10:00.  We ended up catching 15 keepers that day.  I had about 19lbs and Doug had about 14lbs.  Now all these fish were relating around secondary points with or without bushes.  
Wednesday we went out and tried a whole different deal in the backs of the bays with a carolina rig and caught several fish in the first 1.5 hour and one about 5lbs (Picture below), so we decided to get off the water and go retie and get all of our tackle ready for the next few days. 

Day1 :  I was boat 40 and didn't have far to go, only about a mile from takeoff..  On our first stop I landed 2 keepers and my co angler had one.  Then on to 2nd stop I landed 2 more keepers and dumped 1.  I ended up catchiong my limit by 11:00am and never got to cull out any of those keeper size fish, so I ended up 47th after day one, with 12lb 5oz and thought I would need 19 to 20 lbs to make the top 10 cut. 
Day2:  I was boat 111 and wasn't sure if I would even get to start where I did on day 1, but there was no one there.  After this stop I had dumped a really good fish, easly over 5lbs and my co angler had lost 2 good ones also so we were not starting out like I had hoped, but had plenty of time left.  So at stop 2 I caught a 5lber, about 10:00am.  and did not get another keeper bite in here.  So we went to the next area and had caught a few shorties,  and no keepers.  Then we made a run to where I had caught a 5lber on Wednesday and only caught some shorties here.  Last stop of the day I went to a area I hadn't pre-fished, just knew that there were some good bushes in there.  We started flipping here and I hooked up with a 3lber in just 10 minutes. We also caught several shorties and on my last cast I caught a 16incher.  We made it in with only 1 minute to spare.  I ended up with only 3 keepers on day 2 for 10lb 10oz and 63rd overall, only 2.5 lbs out of the money.  I was throwing a Go2baits Lil Thumper and a creature bait, on Powell 7105 and 766 Flipping sticks, with 25lb Triple Fish  X-Rated line.  For the shallow crankbait I was throwning a Powell 753cb glass rod with 12lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line.

My next event is a BFL on Kentucky Lake June 5th so check back to see how I do.

GOD Bless


Saturday, May 15, 2010

American Fishing Series....

Just got finished fishing the Flwoutdoors American Fishing series on Kentucky Lake. Will post patterns and bait in a few days.

GOD Bless


Friday, April 30, 2010

Lake of Egypt...

Well got out on the water yesterday on Lake of Egypt, here in Illinois.  I was planning on going down to Kentucky Lake to practice for the Bass Fishing League (BFL).  But they were calling for 15 to 25 mph winds with 35+ gusts and with a Lake wind advisory for the day.  So I decided to just stay up here and just go fishing for fun.  So I started out fishing a few places that usually hold some post spawn fish and didn't get a bite.  So I went and fished an old roadbed and finally got them started with a Carolina Rigged lizard.  Then I caught 3 Lake keepers on 3 casts with a crankbait and finally later one on a spoon.  I then moved to the next secondary point and caught 3 more lake keepers here on the crankbait.  I went to a few more places that have produced before but no luck at these places either.  On my last stop I caught the biggest fish of the day a 20 3/4 incher on the crankbait.  My biggest 5 probably weighed 16 to 17 lbs every fish I caught was a post spawner.  I was just glad to get to catch some fish, it was a blessing to catch the fish I caught.  For the carolina rig I was using a 804 powell carolina rod, wwith 17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line and for the crankbait a powell  753cb, with 12lb Triple Fish flourocarbon.

GOD Bless

Sunday, April 18, 2010

BFL on Barkley.....

Well let me start out by saying that I don't know a whole lot about sight fishing, other than what I,ve been told by a few friends of mine that have a lot of experience Al Thode and Wesley Strader.  So with that on thursday my partner Paul and I found 1 creek with a group of spawning fish and this was from Kentucky dam to the 68 bridge.  And in this cove we seen 4 to 5 3.5 to 4 lb fish and 1 we thought was around 7lb.  We caught 2 of these off the bed 1 was 4.25 and 1 was 3.5 so we left and went to other places with no luck , but thought there was enough fish in this bay to have 18 to 20 lb, we also found fish holding next to wood in every bay.  On Friday Doug and I went down and went south of the 68 bridge to Paris and only found 1 other bay with spawners in it.  We had 3 keepers in this bay and 1 was off a ledge. 
Tournament day I was boat 77 and had to be in at 3:30 which was good since I thought it would be better as the day went on.  We got to my first area and there was no fish anywhere to be seen!  They had dropped the water and my fish were gone from those areas with the beds.  So we started fishing shallow wood with lizards and baby brush hogs xand caught a few keepers here and several shorties.  We then went to the ledge were I had caught a keeper and hooked up in just a few minutes with a keeper and caught another one  in about 15 minutes, with other shorties.  So we both ended up the day with 2 keepers a piece.  I was using a Powell 734 for the Texas rigged Lizard, with 15lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line, and the 804 Carolina rig rod with a lizard on the ledges, with  17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line.



Sunday, April 4, 2010

JET A Marina Classic....

Well my partner Doug and I went down to Kentucky Lake on Thursday and put in on Kentucky Lake to pre-fish for the tournament on Saturday. We stayed primarily on the north end of the lake with the wind predictions being around 30 to 40 mph gusts and a sw wind on saturday at about 20 to 25mph. We ended up the day on on Thursday with 5 fish and a little over 16lbs, all on shallow running crankbaits. Friday we started out on Barkley and at 100pm we left Barkley and went back over to Kentucky, since we had'nt caught a keeper by this time. At our first stop on Kentucky we landed a keeper running the same pattern as Thursday. Saturday we took off and it was rough, we could only run about 30mph and were passing boats! After our first stop we had 3 keepers by 10am and thought we might have a good day , but not long after the front went through, our fish just shut down. So we ended up in 16th place out of 305 boats, with 11lbs 5oz. We were throwing the crankbaits on Powell 754,753, and 684 rods with 15 to 12 lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line.  I have a BFL on Barkley April 17th so check back for the updates.

GOD Bless!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

IL Bass Federation.....

Well fished the first Illinois Bass Federation tournament on Lake of Egypt Sunday and if it could go wrong it did. As far as practice on Thursday and Friday they were great had over 17lbs both days and did'nt catch more than one fish off any spot and fished different parts of the lake and different patterns. Tournament day the crankbait fish just would not cooperate so went to a jig and broke off a big one and another 3lber pulled off by the boat. Had several other fish on the jig that just would'nt hold onto it. I ended up with 3 keepers and 7.47 lbs. As far as equipment I had the crankbaits on a Powell 703cb and a 753cb, with 12lb Triplefish Flourocarbon Line. The jig was on a Powell 705, with 15lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line. Going to fish a team event on Kentucky Lake this weekend so check back to see how we do.

GOD Bless

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lake of Egypt....

Well me and my buddy Doug went up to Lake of Egypt to get an idea what the fish are doing before next weekend. We have an Illinois Bass Federation tournament there. We ended up catching 4 keepers for about 13lbs and I lost another 4 to 5 lb fish, so we could have had a really good day if I would have got it in. We caught most of the fish on jerkbaits, crankbaits, and jigs. We were using Powell 684, 703 and 705 rods with 12 to 15 lb Triple Fish flourocarbon line.

GOD bless

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Kenucky Lake BFL...

Well finished the first tournament for the year at Kentucky Lake and it was not as good as practice.  During Thursday and Friday we caught well over 100 fish and at least 10 keepers.  On Thursday and Friday we caught all of our fish on crankbaits and jigs.  Thursday we had 16lbs and Friday we 13lbs in just a few hours running the same pattern as Thursday.  So we thought we had something going.  But a cold front came in and I guess it shut the fish down  that we were catching.  Had a buddy down there and he was catching fish in the same area as well and his pattern also dissapeared.  So after the first two stops of the tournament we had 3 keepers in the boat by 9:30 and thought it was going to be a good day but all we managed to catch the rest of the day was plenty of short fish. I ended up with 2lb 14oz and 117th.  Hopefully next time it will work out.  Here's a picture of a fish in Practice.

GOD Bless!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kentucky Lake warming up...

Well me and my buddy Doug went down to Kentcucky Lake yesterday and had a pretty good day.  We only caught 5 keepers but they were some good ones.  The fishing should keep improving as the weeks pass by and it keeps warming up.  We caught most of our fish on jerkbaits and crankbaits.  Water temp was  43 in the moring and warmed up to 46 degrees in the afternoon. The water clarity was about 2 foot visibility.  I  was using a Powell 684 jerkbait rod and Doug was throwing a 703 cb glass rod on the jerkbaits and crankbaits.  I was throwing a 753cb glass rod for the crankbaits.  We were both using 10 and 12 lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon.  We ended up the day with 5 keepers and 23lb 4oz!  Here are a few photo's that we took: 

GOD Bless!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new Tournament Shirts...

I got my new tournament shirt this week and I think they look awesome! Here is a couple pictures of my hoodie that I also got.. Me and my buddy Doug will be going down to Kentucky lake tommorrow.. So check back to see how we did...

GOD Bless !!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kentucky Lake....

Well me and my buddy Doug went down to Kentucky Lake today to do some fishing.  We caught 3 keepers and about 10 fish.  All on jerkbaits and crankbaits.  It really never warmed up, but we had a good time anyway. We tried out some different areas and some we have already fished with a little bit of success.  The  water temp was about 44 degrees,stained, and they were pulling a pretty good amount of current to.  I was using a Powell 754 CB Glass rod for the crankbaits and a 686mod-fast and 684mod-fast for the jerkbaits.  As far as line 15lb Triple fish flourocarbon on crankbaits and 8lb and 10lb flourocarbon on the jerkbaits.   Probably be about 2 weeks before we go back down there again.  Here is a couple of pics:

Until next time