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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day on Kentucky Lake ....

   Went down to Kentucky Lake yesterday with a friend of mine Ben Helmerich.  We had a geat time fishing, caught several fish and had over 20lb with our biggest 5.  It was just a good day to be on the water, wind wasn't howling and sun was out.  Here are a couple pics:

GOD Bless


Monday, December 12, 2011

Bassworldsports at Lake of Egypt ....

    Well  me and Doug fished the Bassworldsports tournament at Lake of Egypt this past Saturday and ended up finishing 2nd place.  We had practiced on Thursday and Friday and not had a whole lot of luck, but had caught some on jerkbaits and rigs.  So after Friday I had decided that I was going to throw a rig all day long and jerkbait some to.  We had a limit at 10:00 and caught about 9 lake keepers throughout the day and ended up with 13.62 lbs.   I was using a 735 frog rod and a 766 flippn stick, with 65lb braided line.