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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Bigbass Trail..

Well here we go again this weekend for another Bigbass Trail.  Wind was blowing about 20mph from the north with sleet and snow most of the morning and part of the afternoon.  Water temp is anywhere from 45 to 40 degrees and fairly clear.  We ended up catching 5 fish for 12.42lb and 2nd place this week.  We just couldnt get a big one to bite this week.  We caught all of our fish on jerkbaits again this week.  I was using a Powell 702 spinning rod with 8lb TripleFish flourocarbon line.  Our next event for Bigbass trail is Jan 9th.

GOD Bless

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bigbass Trail ....

Me and my partner Blaine fished the Bigbass Trail on Lake of Egypt yesterday. We ended up winning the event with 5 fish for 15.47 lbs. We caught all of our fish on jerkbaits, we used several different models of them to cover different depths. I was using a Powell 703 glass rod with 10lb Triple fish Fluorocarbon, also a Powell 683 with 12 lb triple fish fluorocarbon. We have another tournament next weekended, hopefully we can do it again.

GOD Bless

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lake of Egypt....

Went to Lake of Egypt yesterday with my buddy Blaine prefishing for a tournament next weekend. We Started on the north end by the power plant water temp up here was 58-59 deg we caught fish up here, Flipping, Spinner baits, and crankbaits. After catching a few fish up here we decided to go toward the back of the lake and see what the water temp was down there and it was 49-51 degree's. We caught fish down here on Carolina rigs, crankbaits, and jerkbaits. We ended up catching 11 lake keepers for the day and about 14-15lbs. Hopefully we can catch this next week when we fish the bigbass trail.

until next time


Friday, November 27, 2009

update since bowseason began...

Well it has been a while since my last blog. But I have been bow hunting almost everyday possible. I had a couple of bucks spotted that me and some of my buddies were after this year and I got one of them he was an 8point(refer to picture). Shot him at about 8yds and he ran about 100yards. The rage broadheads are awesome! Other than this buck it has been slow hunting for me. I haven't seen anything decent since November 1st when I shot the 8 point. On the fishing side I have been cleaning some of my reels and I am going to sell my G-Loomis rods if you are interested send me an email at kylakefishn@yahoo.com .
until next time

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Final BFL..

Well my twins are doing fine and I got out to prefish last week and the two days before the tournament and I found my fish out on ledges and shallow around grass in practice. The fish on ledges I caught on jigs, worms, and Carolina rig. The fish shallow I caught on frogs.

Day 1 I ran down about 15 miles past paris on Kentucky Lake and started shallow but with little success and small fish. So I went on down farther to a ledge where I thought there was a group of fish. I started out with the jig and caught fish immediately but they were small so I went up and down the ledge and by 1200pm I had 3 keepers and 12lbs 4oz, While my co angler had 1 that was 5lb 12oz after I gave him a jig... We then headed back north to get closer to the check in stopping on about 6 other ledges but no other keepers. So I ended up in 12th after the 1st day.

Day 2 I made the run again down south past paris and I told my day 2 partner Wilby we would stay on this ledge most of the day today. We fished here until about 100pm and by now I had 1 keeper and he had 4 so we thought he only needed 1 more keeper and he would have a shot to win. We headed across the lake to another ledge where we doubled up in practice and I caught my 2nd keeper and the Wilby caught his 5th keeper about 3lbs. So now we decided to head on back toward Moors Marina as we thought he had a good chance to win and we didn't want to take any chances. We stopped close to marina on a ledge but only caught small ones.

I ended up 14th and quailified for the regional. And Wilby won the Co-angler side!

I was using a 734 powell rod for jig , with 17lb triple fish flourocarbon.

I just want to thank GOD for blessing me with the fish that I caught.

God Bless!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well it has been a while since my last update but we have just had twins Lake (Boy) and Lexi (girl) on7/28/09 had to take our boy to St. Francis in Cape. But I have been doing some night fishing and Early scouting for the upcoming deer season. here are a few photo's

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sportsmens Edge Team Event...

Well my team partner(Doug) and I fished the Sportsmens Edge Tournament on Kentucky yesterday and we had an awsome day of fishing. We caught over 20 keepers and had 19.95 lbs but this lake is incredible! We were not even close to the win it took over 26lbs and they had a 1lb penalty! I think we ended up 14th or 15th. WE fished in the New Johnsonville area where I went to last week during the BFL and couldn't get on any of my places. We found a new area and they were stacked in there. Maybe next time. God Bless!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stren Series Kentucky Lake.....

Started Prefishing on monday and put in at Moors to stay on the north end. Fished all day long and only ended up with 1 keeper for the day. Then on Tuesday I put in at Paris,TN to fish around my area I had caught them in for the BFL last weekend and the water down here had turned to mud where I was catching my fish on ledges. So I tried to find some more places in the cleaner water and was unsuccessful. I could not catch a keeper. So Wednesday I stayed north again to try to find some on ledges up here I finally caught a few keepers deep and then went flipping and caught 2 more. I ended up the day with 15lbs, but did not feel good about the tournament.
DAY 1: I went to my ledge on the north end of Kentucky caught a lot of shorts and stripers. We then left and tried a few more without any luck. Then I went flipping in the bay where I caught them on Wednesday and caught 1 keeper in here. We flipped for about 3-4 more hours with no keepers and I decided to go back to my ledge again for the last part of the day. I caught 2 more keepers here and my co angler caught 1 5lber. I ended up with 8lb 8oz for day 1.
Day2: I decided to go fishing and hit as many points as I could until we ran into them. Started on my ledge and caught 1 keeper right away. We then moved across the lake and started to run points finally after the 5th point we hit the mother load. I caught 6 keepers off here and lost another 4lber which would have culled. After a while here we were going to try another point just up from this one, when my trolling motor board went out on foot control so we had to go in and get it repaired. Ron Lappin our Tournament Director was very helpful as I didn't have my trailer at that ramp so he used his vehicle and got us out and taken care of. I just want to say that Scott at the repair trailer was very good and quick about getting us back out on the water. After getting back out we caught more shorties but no more keepers and I thought I would need to cull the one fish out. But I ended the day with 17lb 10 oz and 60th place.
Didn't feel to bad to finish there after the practice I had! I was using a 703 Powell cranking rod with 12lb Triple Fish flourocarbon line and 7'6 cranking rod with 10lb triple fish flourocarbon and for flipping a 766 Powell Flipping rod with 25lb Triple Fish x-rated line. Until next time good fishing and GOD Bless!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ky Lake BFL...

Started practice on thursday and my first stop on a ledge we caught 5 keepers and several other shorties. Went on to some other ledges with some success not as good as the first but caught some more fish. We then started to move north of the Paris bridge to fish a few places up there aand I stopped on a seconday point and caught a 5.10 at this point we had 22lbs and quit for the day. Friday we had a delay starting due to weather. Then we got started at 800 on first stop had a 3pounder. We moved to the next ledge and caught 2 more 3lbers. Then I had a ledge up toward ramp to try and we had several fish here with 4 more keepers and left for the day. Saturday I ran past Paris to my ledge there and immediately started catching fish. I caught 4 keepers here and had to let a 17.5inch smallie go that hurt. Then I started moving up the lake and caught my 5th keeper another 4.5lb fish. This gave me about 14lbs I thought and I needed another 4lber to cull a 15incher out. But it never came and I ended up with 14lb09oz and 10th. I was using a powell 703 glass cranking rod with 12lb triple fish flourocarbon and a 705 jig rod with 15lb triple fish flourcarbon.
Until next time good fishing and God Bless!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bassmaster Weekend Series

Well fished the BASS Weekend Series on Kentucky this past weekend. Practice was Thursday to Saturday. Thursday we fished south of Ken lake and found a few fish on Secondary points. Friday went to Paris and put in we found more fish staging on secondary points again and today we had about 17lbs, but the water was rising again. Saturday we fished up north with a lot of short fish and not many keepers but we were trying something new. So I decided I was going to make a run in the morning about 15 minutes past Paris,TN where we had 6 keepers in one spot. Within 15 minutes I had 2 keepers and my co had 1. Then we started catching shorties and left. My 2nd spot I caught a 4.67 off a point with numerous shorties. Then 3rd area 0 fish so I decided to go to the back and check the bushes again and ended up catching my other 2 keepers and My Co-angler BIG O caught his other 2 after one more stop. We had a very good time all day god blessed us both with limits. I ended up with 13.90 and 16th place 1 spot out of the money. I was using 25lb x-rated Triple fish line on my 766 Powell Flippn Stick and 15lb Triple Fish flourocarbon on my 705 Powell jig rod on points with a war eagle football head jig. God Bless and good luck!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lake of egypt Federation Tournament...

Well went to practice at Egypt on Thursday and caught 8 or 9 keepers (over16") and total weight was about 21lbs. Then on Friday me and my Partner went up again and had a limt by 1030, so I wasn't feeling to bad although the boat pressure was going to be overwhelming for the next 2 days. Sunday Couldn't get my spot where I caught 5 keepers on Friday so went to next place only shorites. Then the next spot produced 2 keepers. By the end of the day I ended up with 4 keepers (4 fish limit) and 10.45lbs and 7th place overall. Did have a chance to have more weight but just had a mishap with the net, it was only 5lbs! Have a BFL next weekend and I am going down Thursday and Friday. Good luck fishing and God Bless!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun Fishing.....

Well I got to go fishing at Guntersville this past Thursday and Chickamauga on Friday with my good friend Andy Morgan. He called me on Tuesday night and invited me down for a few days to go have some fun and hopefully be able to learn a few things from him. While we didn't catch a lot of fish (trying to catch a 10lber)we were able to catch a few good ones from each lake . On Guntersville we fished swimbaits, rattletraps, and soft plastics. On Chickamauga Andy's good friend Tiper joined us for the day and we fished swimbaits, jerkbaits, jigs, and rattletraps. I will say that I learned a lot in those two days with him and hopefully I can put that knowledge to use in future events. Well got to try to get ready for the TBF event on Lake of Egypt this Sunday hopefully I can get a good start . Until next time good luck fishing !

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kentucky lake BFL

Well got down to pre-fish for the BFL on Kentucky on Thursday and on my first stop I caught some small fish and lost a fish over 4lb. Then my next stop resulted in 3 keepers ( one of them on left at top 6lb 10oz) at this point I had three in the boat with 13.5lb. My next stop I caught another keeper that put me over 16lb. As I kept working the main lake points with a jerkbait and cranbaits I culled up to 24lb 12oz for the day with 5 keepers( caught 9 total keepers). The next day I came down and worked a different part of the lake and thought I would try the same pattern here. My first stop resulted in three keepers and several shorties. Then a few more places without any keepers. And then on my last stop I caught a 4lb8oz and 6lb 1oz and my partner caught a 6lb 5oz all in the same general area about 100yard stretch of bank. So after this it was only 1100am and we already had 23lbs so we left the lake feeling pretty good about my chances on Saturday. On Saturday I managed only 1 keeper for 3.5lbs I don't know what happened to the fish but I could not catch them that day. I was throwing the jerkbait on a 6'8" powell rod(#684) and crankbait on (#703) using 10lb and 15lb lb triple fish flourocarbon line. Maybe next time it will work out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kentucky Lake...

Got down to Kentcky Lake on Thursday and Friday last week and had pretty good success. We caught most of our fish on crankbaits, jigs, rattletraps, tubes and other soft plastics. We caught our fish from the main lake all the way in the back of the pockects. I caught 7 keepers for the day on Friday and numerous other fish. Hopefully I will be able to get enough fish found for the BFL on 3/14. Here is a picture of one of the fish I caught. I think I will need 3 of these and a couple 3 pounders to be in contention.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kentucky Bassin

Well I finally got to go back down to Kentucky lake. Have been fishing Lake of Egypt with little success. With it going to be around 60degrees today me and my team partner Doug thought we would go down to Kentucky Lake. Our first stop resulted in 3 good keepers all on the jerkbait. Then we moved two main lake points up and caught another keeper on jerkbait. The next point resulted with another keeper on the jerkbait. then about noon the wind changed and completely died which hurt the jerbait bite for us. We then moved back up the lake and I got out the shakey head and caught another good keeper. We ended up with 6 keepers in the boat I lost another good one on jerkbait earlier that would have helped, but our biggest 5 weighed 15.12oz. I was throwing a 6'6 and 7' medium action rods with 8lb and 12lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line with a 6:2:1 reel. Here are a few pictures of the fish we caught.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Power back on.....

Well went to Lake of Egypt on thurs 1/2/09 and the power plant at lake of egypt has been turned back on which means the shad are moving around well again. Within 15 minutes of fishing I landed a nice 3 1/2 lb largemouth. Needless to say the shad was stacked everywhere up front on points and in some bays. I moved around a little with little success then finally hit the right spot and the bass were schooling on a large school of shad I managed to catch fish for about 20-25 minutes straight on a jerkbait! I ended up with 4 lake keepers and several slot fish and under keepers all on the jerkbait with a 6'6 G-loomis rod and triple fish flourocarbon line.

until next time Good Fishing!!