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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bassworldsports at Lake Egypt ...

     Well went up to pactice for the tournament about 2 weeks before and 2 awesome days, had 15lb one day and 19lb the next fishing the same pattern.  So I was a little fired up about these results since I had not been on the Lake but one time since Feb and that was at night.  Thursday before the tournament I went up and caught some again out deep and also some schooling and felt good about our chances to at least get in the top 3.  After first stop I boated several fish and 3 keepers.  Then we moved aroud and several more fish, but could not getem to hold on the the bait and would pull off after setting the hook and fighting them for a min.  So we ended the day with only 4 keepers and not the start I wanted, but it happens and we will try again next time.  My next event is the regional at Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas.  I will be leaving for practice on Oct 29th.  Hopefully I can get into the top 6 !

GOD Bless