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Monday, May 17, 2010

AFT on Kentucky Lake....

Well I started practice on Saturday May 8th with only 3 keepers, but thought I might have found a possible location where the fish could not get away from me by going 300 yards back in the woods.  So on Monday I started pretty early in the day, about 6:30am and had a limit by 9:00am ! by running similar areas as I did on Saturday.  After figuring out the location and what I needed to look for I started running around the lake to find more of these areas and I ended up catching about 10 keepers and had 23 to 24lbs with my biggest 5, so I was a little excited to say the least since some of my buddies were struggling.  Below is a picture of a 7lb 6oz and a 6lber on Monday that I caught.
Tuesday I started out early again with my buddy Doug and we went to a different area of the lake and tried running the same pattern as I did on Monday and ended up having a limit by 10:00.  We ended up catching 15 keepers that day.  I had about 19lbs and Doug had about 14lbs.  Now all these fish were relating around secondary points with or without bushes.  
Wednesday we went out and tried a whole different deal in the backs of the bays with a carolina rig and caught several fish in the first 1.5 hour and one about 5lbs (Picture below), so we decided to get off the water and go retie and get all of our tackle ready for the next few days. 

Day1 :  I was boat 40 and didn't have far to go, only about a mile from takeoff..  On our first stop I landed 2 keepers and my co angler had one.  Then on to 2nd stop I landed 2 more keepers and dumped 1.  I ended up catchiong my limit by 11:00am and never got to cull out any of those keeper size fish, so I ended up 47th after day one, with 12lb 5oz and thought I would need 19 to 20 lbs to make the top 10 cut. 
Day2:  I was boat 111 and wasn't sure if I would even get to start where I did on day 1, but there was no one there.  After this stop I had dumped a really good fish, easly over 5lbs and my co angler had lost 2 good ones also so we were not starting out like I had hoped, but had plenty of time left.  So at stop 2 I caught a 5lber, about 10:00am.  and did not get another keeper bite in here.  So we went to the next area and had caught a few shorties,  and no keepers.  Then we made a run to where I had caught a 5lber on Wednesday and only caught some shorties here.  Last stop of the day I went to a area I hadn't pre-fished, just knew that there were some good bushes in there.  We started flipping here and I hooked up with a 3lber in just 10 minutes. We also caught several shorties and on my last cast I caught a 16incher.  We made it in with only 1 minute to spare.  I ended up with only 3 keepers on day 2 for 10lb 10oz and 63rd overall, only 2.5 lbs out of the money.  I was throwing a Go2baits Lil Thumper and a creature bait, on Powell 7105 and 766 Flipping sticks, with 25lb Triple Fish  X-Rated line.  For the shallow crankbait I was throwning a Powell 753cb glass rod with 12lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line.

My next event is a BFL on Kentucky Lake June 5th so check back to see how I do.

GOD Bless


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