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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kentucky Lake ....

     Well I just got home from the Lyon County Christmas for kids and the BFL makeup tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  My buddy Doug and I went down on Thursday to start practicing for the tournaments, so we  decided to put in at Paris Marina and go south from there.  We Started around the Paris area and worked our way down the lake and found a few new areas and tried some we had fished before also.  As we got closer to New Johnsonville we stopped on a ledge that we caught 20lbs off of last year in June and as I was stroking a jig I felt that familiar tap and set the hook  and a 5.5lb fish came up with 3 others as big or bigger than it was, so we left with high hopes for this area.  Friday we stayed on the north end of the lake and did not have as much success , but still caught some decent fish.  So Friday night we decided we were going to head to New Johnsonville area and get on the ledge there.
     Saturday we headed to our primary spot and started fishing and after an hour without a bite we decided to move to another ledge just down from us, where we caught some small fish and just keepers on Thursday.  After fishing here for about and hour and a half we had our limit and about 12lbs total and knew we needed to cull up.  So we went back to where we started and still did not get bit, so we started to work our way back north and hit a few areas.  We ended up culling a few times but never got any big fish and ended the day with 15lbs.
     Sunday I was going to head down to New Johnsonville and try those areas at different times to see if we could catch those big fish moved up again.  At my first stop I caught a keeper in the first 5 minutes and thought it was going to happen, but this sport is very humbling.  After fishing here for another 45minutes without any success we continued to work our way down the lake without any success and started to come on back to where we started and sit it out here for the rest of the day since we started to get bit and catch fish.  I only ended up with 3 keepers, that only weighed 5.5lb.  I did manage to stay in the top 40 for now and we have one more to go in September and then to Guntersville for the regional.  The baits I was throwing were Go2baits 10"paddle tail worm in Blue Saphire on a Powell705 jig rod with 17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon and a 3/4oz War Eagle footbal jig , with a Go2baits swim'n craw as a trailer on a Powell 734rod, with 15lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line ( See Pictures).  I will try to keep everyone updated as I will probably be going down to the lake to find out what I should have been doing! Although after talking to a few people I was to shallow on the ledges most likely.

GOD Bless


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