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Monday, September 13, 2010

The last BFL...

Well I just fished our last BFL on Kentucky Lake and finished in 35th, which is not where I expected but I did manage to finish 25th in the points for the year so I'm off to Guntersville for the regional.  I caught all my fish out on ledges with a crankbait, jig, worm, and carolina rig.  The worm was a Go2Baits 13" paddle tail in blue and plum colors with a 1/2 oz weight, a Powell 734 rod, the crankbait was on 754 and 753 glass rods, and also a 804crankbait rod, carolina rod was a 806 and the jig was on a 734 also.  I will try to keep you up to date when I go to Guntersville in October.

GOD Bless


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Team MiRketti said...

Great Job on your points finish for the year and good luck at Guntersville. I look forward to hearing about it.