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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everstart at Detroit river...

     Well me and my buddy Harold Buchmeier left for Detroit on Saturday, July 9th and got up there that afternoon.  We got about 3 hours on the water and I had a couple keepers and so did Harold.   Over the next 4 days we concentrated on St Clair and the Detroit River, throwing crankbaits, tubes, and dropshots.  Practice for me was pretty good overall I caught about 15lb a day and never stayed on one spot very long.  On Monday a Storm came through on the lake and needless to say it was the worst storm they have had in the last 10years !  70 to 80 mph winds were reported and Harold and I were in our own boats in the middle of the St Clair, I finally made it to a bay in Canada and took cover for about an hour and half , Harold had no where to go and just floated for that time until the storm passed.  Day 1 I went to an area I had found on Sunday that had a decent group of fish and I ended up with 12.5 and my Co had 16lb and lost 2 more about 4.5 there, so I decided to leave and fish my way back to the ramp and hit some other places where I had caught some 3lbers and cull out at least my 2 small ones, but I never got to.  Day 2 I went back to that area and only caught 1 keeper ! I guesss I should have stayed there on day 1 and just caught them, but I thought I would save them for Day 2 also.  So I moved around to some other areas and managed to get 2 more keepers and ended up in 116th.  It was very disappointing after my practice, but my buddy Harold done well he got another check and moved up to 7th in points.  Hopefully he will take the points title for the year.   I was throwing Powell Rods with 6 and 8lb line , with a Lews reels.

GOD Bless


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