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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stren Series Kentucky Lake.....

Started Prefishing on monday and put in at Moors to stay on the north end. Fished all day long and only ended up with 1 keeper for the day. Then on Tuesday I put in at Paris,TN to fish around my area I had caught them in for the BFL last weekend and the water down here had turned to mud where I was catching my fish on ledges. So I tried to find some more places in the cleaner water and was unsuccessful. I could not catch a keeper. So Wednesday I stayed north again to try to find some on ledges up here I finally caught a few keepers deep and then went flipping and caught 2 more. I ended up the day with 15lbs, but did not feel good about the tournament.
DAY 1: I went to my ledge on the north end of Kentucky caught a lot of shorts and stripers. We then left and tried a few more without any luck. Then I went flipping in the bay where I caught them on Wednesday and caught 1 keeper in here. We flipped for about 3-4 more hours with no keepers and I decided to go back to my ledge again for the last part of the day. I caught 2 more keepers here and my co angler caught 1 5lber. I ended up with 8lb 8oz for day 1.
Day2: I decided to go fishing and hit as many points as I could until we ran into them. Started on my ledge and caught 1 keeper right away. We then moved across the lake and started to run points finally after the 5th point we hit the mother load. I caught 6 keepers off here and lost another 4lber which would have culled. After a while here we were going to try another point just up from this one, when my trolling motor board went out on foot control so we had to go in and get it repaired. Ron Lappin our Tournament Director was very helpful as I didn't have my trailer at that ramp so he used his vehicle and got us out and taken care of. I just want to say that Scott at the repair trailer was very good and quick about getting us back out on the water. After getting back out we caught more shorties but no more keepers and I thought I would need to cull the one fish out. But I ended the day with 17lb 10 oz and 60th place.
Didn't feel to bad to finish there after the practice I had! I was using a 703 Powell cranking rod with 12lb Triple Fish flourocarbon line and 7'6 cranking rod with 10lb triple fish flourocarbon and for flipping a 766 Powell Flipping rod with 25lb Triple Fish x-rated line. Until next time good fishing and GOD Bless!

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