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Sunday, April 18, 2010

BFL on Barkley.....

Well let me start out by saying that I don't know a whole lot about sight fishing, other than what I,ve been told by a few friends of mine that have a lot of experience Al Thode and Wesley Strader.  So with that on thursday my partner Paul and I found 1 creek with a group of spawning fish and this was from Kentucky dam to the 68 bridge.  And in this cove we seen 4 to 5 3.5 to 4 lb fish and 1 we thought was around 7lb.  We caught 2 of these off the bed 1 was 4.25 and 1 was 3.5 so we left and went to other places with no luck , but thought there was enough fish in this bay to have 18 to 20 lb, we also found fish holding next to wood in every bay.  On Friday Doug and I went down and went south of the 68 bridge to Paris and only found 1 other bay with spawners in it.  We had 3 keepers in this bay and 1 was off a ledge. 
Tournament day I was boat 77 and had to be in at 3:30 which was good since I thought it would be better as the day went on.  We got to my first area and there was no fish anywhere to be seen!  They had dropped the water and my fish were gone from those areas with the beds.  So we started fishing shallow wood with lizards and baby brush hogs xand caught a few keepers here and several shorties.  We then went to the ledge were I had caught a keeper and hooked up in just a few minutes with a keeper and caught another one  in about 15 minutes, with other shorties.  So we both ended up the day with 2 keepers a piece.  I was using a Powell 734 for the Texas rigged Lizard, with 15lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line, and the 804 Carolina rig rod with a lizard on the ledges, with  17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon Line.



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