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Friday, April 30, 2010

Lake of Egypt...

Well got out on the water yesterday on Lake of Egypt, here in Illinois.  I was planning on going down to Kentucky Lake to practice for the Bass Fishing League (BFL).  But they were calling for 15 to 25 mph winds with 35+ gusts and with a Lake wind advisory for the day.  So I decided to just stay up here and just go fishing for fun.  So I started out fishing a few places that usually hold some post spawn fish and didn't get a bite.  So I went and fished an old roadbed and finally got them started with a Carolina Rigged lizard.  Then I caught 3 Lake keepers on 3 casts with a crankbait and finally later one on a spoon.  I then moved to the next secondary point and caught 3 more lake keepers here on the crankbait.  I went to a few more places that have produced before but no luck at these places either.  On my last stop I caught the biggest fish of the day a 20 3/4 incher on the crankbait.  My biggest 5 probably weighed 16 to 17 lbs every fish I caught was a post spawner.  I was just glad to get to catch some fish, it was a blessing to catch the fish I caught.  For the carolina rig I was using a 804 powell carolina rod, wwith 17lb Triple Fish Flourocarbon line and for the crankbait a powell  753cb, with 12lb Triple Fish flourocarbon.

GOD Bless

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