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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kentucky lake BFL

Well got down to pre-fish for the BFL on Kentucky on Thursday and on my first stop I caught some small fish and lost a fish over 4lb. Then my next stop resulted in 3 keepers ( one of them on left at top 6lb 10oz) at this point I had three in the boat with 13.5lb. My next stop I caught another keeper that put me over 16lb. As I kept working the main lake points with a jerkbait and cranbaits I culled up to 24lb 12oz for the day with 5 keepers( caught 9 total keepers). The next day I came down and worked a different part of the lake and thought I would try the same pattern here. My first stop resulted in three keepers and several shorties. Then a few more places without any keepers. And then on my last stop I caught a 4lb8oz and 6lb 1oz and my partner caught a 6lb 5oz all in the same general area about 100yard stretch of bank. So after this it was only 1100am and we already had 23lbs so we left the lake feeling pretty good about my chances on Saturday. On Saturday I managed only 1 keeper for 3.5lbs I don't know what happened to the fish but I could not catch them that day. I was throwing the jerkbait on a 6'8" powell rod(#684) and crankbait on (#703) using 10lb and 15lb lb triple fish flourocarbon line. Maybe next time it will work out.

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Basspastor said...

Man, that is brutal. But fishing can be like that.