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Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st Everstart at Lake of The Ozarks....

  Got to Lake of The Ozark's (LOZ) on Sunday the 6th about noon and began fishing and had a keeper in the first 1/2 hour !  So I moved to another point and caught another keeper and thought this might hold up and ran some more points with some luck, but also bluff 's in between points with a good drop on the and caught fish here to and had 7 keepers on Sunday and about 16lb with 5, so not a bad start.  The next 3 days I tried running the same deal and caught some but not that consistent.  I ran to the Niaguga arm 1 day and it was just muddy!  Got out of there and found some clear water and caught a couple keepers pretty quick on jerk baits on transition banks.  Day 1 I had an area where I caught 5 keepers down a 250 yard stretch and started here,  no keepers so we kept moving around my ares and by the end of the day I had 2 keepers and my co-angler had a limit of 12lbs !  It was just his day to catch them, I would throw up to the spot and catch a shortie and he would catch a keeper !  This happened all day long.  Day 2 I went back to those same areas and caught a 4lber in the first hour n half and was hoping I was gonna get them today but it was another struggle for me.  I managed 2 keepers for 5lb 11 oz and lost a mule on the jerk bait that would have moved me up about 20 to 25 places.  I was throwing Lew's speed spool reels (6:4:1) and Powell rods 684cb,  686cb, 703cb, 753cb on 10 and 12 lb fluorocarbon line.  Also a 705 jig rod, with a War Eagle Heavy cover finesse jig with a Go2baits trailer and a Lew's Speed Spool 6:4:1, with 15lb fluorocarbon line.  I ended up in 97th place and got some points toward the championship at Kentucky Lake.  Below are pictures of the baits and Rods used :


GOD Bless


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