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Saturday, April 2, 2011

BFL and Everstart....

     Just got home from basically fishing for 2 weeks straight.  Started prefishing for the BFL on 3/23/11, my buddy Paul went with me and we ended up the day with about 16 lb.  The next 2 days Doug went with me and we managed to catch some more fish, but not really much of a pattern to anything.  Tournament day I went to areas where I had some fish, but all those ares were dried up, so we ran some other things and managed to catch 1 keeper and ended up in 84th place. 

On Monday the 28th started practicing for the everstart and had a pretty decent day caught 16lb with my best 5 fish.  Then Tuesday was not very productive, couldn't get anything going today like we did the day before, as we thought we had  something figured out late in the day on Monday ,but it didn't pay off.  So Wednesday we went to Barkley Lake to see what was going on over there, and by 11am had 4 keepers and somewhat of a pattern going and had 2 bays where there were groups of fish, but as my luck had been going it didn't work out on day one I only had 1 3lber and a lot of ground to make up on day 2.  Day 2 I stayed on Kentucky and just started over and by 8am I had 1 keeper and had caught several fish, so I kept moving around and ended up with 2 keepers and lost a big one and 2 other good keepers on a crankbait.  So I just had some bad luck all around for the last 2 weeks.  I was throwing the crankbaits on Powell 703cb and 753cb rods and the jerkbaits were on a 686cb rod.  The reels were Lews Tournament speed spool series 6:4:1 gear ratio.,

GOD Bless


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